Pecan Sale Update

Pecan Sale Update


I just wanted to update everyone on the Pecan Sale.   We currently (as of today Nov 19th) have the following pecans remaining to be sold.  All are available at Sarah B’s house:

– 3 cases Mammoth & 10 bags Mammoth
– 2 cases Milk Chocolate
      (Jill B. Returned 2 cases of Milk for redistribution)
– 3 cases Dark Chocolate
      (We ordered 3 additional cases of Dark Chocolate.
      Wendy’s H. wants one case for her sister.
      MaryKay wants 10bags.) 

So if you were looking to pick up more milk or dark chocolate or were running low on your mammoths… please call or email Sarah B!

If you have collected $ for the sales, please try to send your checks to Cindy L. as soon as you can.  We need to cover the payment for the initial Attwell invoice by the end of November.  

February Pecan Update

February Pecan Update

I wanted to let everyone know that we still have pecans available to sell!  I currently have 15 bags at my house of mammoth pecans in an open case.  We have 4 cases which are unopened and we will send them back to Atwell at our Alumnae Groups expense (decided at the last meeting) since we could not sell those 4 cases.

I also wanted to reach out and find out how many pecans are still out there unsold and if you are able to sell more pecans.  Please fill out the form below:

Pecans are here!

Delta Gamma Alumnae Sisters,

Pecans were delivered to my house Thursday morning!  They are all safely stacked in my garage.

This year’s prices are:

  • $10/bag for Chocolate
  • $10/bag for Mammoth

Please email, text, or call me to pick up your pecans.  I will need to know:

  1. How many bags (or cases) you want of each kind.
  2. Day/time you want to pick them up.
  3. If you will be paying for them ahead of time.  If not (which is completely fine) I will leave a form for you to sign stating you are responsible for the # of pecans you are picking up.

I will provide a form for you to take home with you that allows you to track your sales.  This form is completely for your benefit, I do not need it back.

I will be keeping track of who has what on this page:

Note:  As we discussed pecans could be SOLD among members, i.e., the original person taking the pecans remained responsible financially, but could not be traded unless I (Sarah) was first notified of the trade (I would need to know HOW MANY bags of each kind were being trades and from WHO to WHO).  

All payments are to be sent to Cindy Lucas (1125 Biltmore Ave, PGH PA 15216 – 412.571.1222).  Please have the bulk of the money turned into Cindy as early as possible (preferably Mid-Nov) as the first Atwell Pecan Co invoice will be due by the end of November and we will need sufficient funds to make that payment.  Cindy would only like checks to be made out to “Pittsburgh South Hills Alumnae Chapter of Delta Gamma”.  Please no cash.

This is our ONLY fundraiser and it is held just once a year!  You make all the difference, so please support the annual pecan sale!  It is a great way to make a delicious difference and DO GOOD!

Please contact me via the form below to get your Pecans: