Pecan Sale Update


I just wanted to update everyone on the Pecan Sale.   We currently (as of today Nov 19th) have the following pecans remaining to be sold.  All are available at Sarah B’s house:

– 3 cases Mammoth & 10 bags Mammoth
– 2 cases Milk Chocolate
      (Jill B. Returned 2 cases of Milk for redistribution)
– 3 cases Dark Chocolate
      (We ordered 3 additional cases of Dark Chocolate.
      Wendy’s H. wants one case for her sister.
      MaryKay wants 10bags.) 

So if you were looking to pick up more milk or dark chocolate or were running low on your mammoths… please call or email Sarah B!

If you have collected $ for the sales, please try to send your checks to Cindy L. as soon as you can.  We need to cover the payment for the initial Attwell invoice by the end of November.