Chapter Giving Program

The Chapter Giving Program offers a way for chapters to receive credit for their gifts to the Delta Gamma Foundation, while also giving to local 501(c)(3) organizations that share our Service for Sight mission. Chapters may participate whether their fundraisers are tax deductible or not.

This past year our chapter donated $4,000 to the following organizations:

  • 2 DG Scholarships for 2018- (In honor/memory – see below) -$2,000
  • Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh – $1,000
  • Western PA School for Blind Children – $ 150
  • Carnegie Library for Blind/Handicapped — $ 150
  • SportsVision-Audio Darts Group – $ 150
  • Project Joining Forces – $ 100
  • Foundation for Fighting Blindness (for Pittsburgh Vision Walk for the Pittsburgh South Hills Alumnae Team) $150
  • NEW: Pets for Vets – $150
  • NEW: Canine Service Pals – $150

In May of last year, our chapter donated $2,000 to the Delta Gamma Foundation for 2 scholarships.  We will be donating $2,000 again this year for 2 more scholarships. The scholarships are named as follows and will benefit women of specific chapters, as follows:

  1. In Memory of Joanne Barr Ostergaard – for a member  of Beta Nu, Epsilon Delta or Epsilon Eta
  2. In Memory of Marty Ringle Walker – for a member of Alpha Xi, Beta Nu, Epsilon Delta or Epsilon Eta
  3. In Honor of Katie Keller Zimmerman – for a member of Zeta Delta, Beta Nu, Epsilon Delta or Epsilon Eta
  4. In Honor of Wendy Denton Heleen – for a member of Epsilon Beta, Beta Nu, Epsilon Delta or Epsilon Eta