A view from above of the players during the MAHJ FOR SIGHT Mah Jongg Tournament.
The Delta Gamma Players and Volunteers during MAHJ FOR SIGHT.

Thank you all for attending the first MAHJ FOR SIGHT Mah Jongg Tournament last Sat Oct 6th. I am excited to share that we raised $1184 for Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh. That is a fantastic donation that we can all be proud to have contributed to.

Please mark your calendars and save-the-date for Saturday October 5, 2019 for the 2nd Annual MAHJ FOR SIGHT tournament. It will be at Al’s Cafe again in Bethel Park. I will save this email list and email you all next Summer when we open up registration again. If you know of anyone else who wants to be added to the notification for next year’s tournament simply have them email me.

I have received mostly positive feedback and some ideas on how to improve next year. I listed what has been shared with me already but if you have any other ideas for ways to improve I am all ears!
– Microphone (will add this for sure)
– Put time left in the round up visually somehow for all to see
– Name tags weren’t sticky – need different type next year
– Don’t collect scorecards next time but rather ask people to stand up to celebrate. For instance everyone who had OVER 50 points stand. If you had 75 points continue standing… etc until we get to the top three. Nice idea because then more people get to be celebrated.
– Have opponents initial opposite persons score after each game.
– A little less time between rounds (maybe 10 mins instead of 15)
– Some wanted 4 rounds instead of 3. Some were happy with 3 rounds.

A lot of people asked me about the table covers and the mahjong dress. Below are links to both!

Table Covers

Mahj Dress

I am really excited for next year and all the good we can do for sight related charities in Pittsburgh simply by playing this game we love!

Sarah Beitler

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