Let’s start the New Year right by learning about two important exercise formats to help us be fit and healthy…strength and mind/body classes.

Fellow DG Carrie Knight will lead us through the following:

1) 30-minute LES MILLS BODYPUMP  – This is truly for everyone – all ages and all levels!  New to exercise?  Never lifted barbells before?  No worries!  It’s an easy to follow, non-impact (no jumping!) class that builds strength AND bone density!  Strength-training is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth.  It’s critical for revving up the metabolism, as well as building and maintaining muscle mass.  This is the perfect no-stress opportunity to try BODYPUMP!

2) 30-minute LES MILLS BODYFLOW – This is the Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates program that builds strength, flexibility, and leaves you feeling calm.  This mind/body class is also for all ages and fitness levels.  Like BODYPUMP, it’s a non-impact class (no jumping).

3) Briefly tour the beautiful new Spencer Family YMCA facility with a YMCA staff member.

Please meet at 11:45am on January 6th in the lobby of the Spencer Family YMCA in Bethel Park (near Bethel Park H.S.)

We’ll travel together to the 2nd floor main Group Fitness studio to set up for class.  Wear comfortable clothing for exercise.

In BODYPUMP, we wear athletic shoes.  We are barefoot in BODYFLOW.

Bring a mat if you have one or feel free to use ours!  Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. This event is complimentary.

RSVP directly to evite or to Carrie at carrieknight@live.com or 847-877-0067.