DG: Do Good Week

Delta Gammas “Do Good” every day! We pledged to do so when we accepted our bids to Delta Gamma. In fact, our Fraternity letters were chosen because they represent our motto and desire to “Do Good.”

Each day, we hear disheartening and troubling stories on the television, radio and newspaper. Let’s come together to put more GOOD in the world. During the week of September 13-19, Delta Gamma Fraternity invites you to participate in our annual “Do Good” Week by doing good deeds in your community.

Anyone can participate, whether you are a sister, fraternal partner, friend, neighbor or simply a kind person hoping to make the world a little better.

Ready to “Do Good?” Please see the PDF below to get some ideas!

pdficon_small Do Good Week 2015 Participation Guide PDF

Also our South Hills Alumnae Chapter will be sewing “Robes for Rho”.  Kits will be available at the September 14 Fall Kick-Off Lasagna Meeting.  If you have any questions below then please contact Betsy or MaryKay.