Officer Position Descriptions

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With the assistance of the board, the vice-president: programming provides balanced programming that is both educational and enjoyable for alumnae in all life stages. Some responsibilities include:

Hold a program planning session board meeting in July and evaluate the previous year’s programs using a survey.

Plan events utilizing the Five Star Programming Model with events focused on each of the programming areas: sisterhood, membership, community, Foundation, and networking.

Arrange for event places and hostesses.

Incorporate rituals at events.

Work hand and hand with the Member Planet Specialist to create event invitations to send to membership.

Cover the duties of the collumnae chairman if this position is vacant.


Ensuring a solid financial base for the alumnae group is the responsibility of the vice-president: finance. Some responsibilities include:

Prepare a budget for the approval of the executive board.

Pay Fraternity dues and fees by due dates.

File Annual Federal Tax Return Form 990N or 990EZ, Return of

Organization Exempt From Income Tax with the Internal Revenue Service by November 15

Maintain a bank account for the group. All Delta Gamma monies are required to be deposited in federally insured banks or savings and loans institutions with either the president or vp: finance authorized to sign checks under $500.00.

Keep record dues paid members and reach out to membership to encourage payment of local and per capita dues.


The vice-president: communications is the recording officer of the chapter’s business records and the alumnae group’s historian. She is also responsible for maintaining good communications through written correspondence. Some responsibilities include:

Input all events onto Anchorbase calendar by September 1 and update as necessary.

Complete post event summary on Anchorbase after each event.

Record and upload minutes for all board and business meetings.

Update chapter directory annually and distribute copies to dues paid members at the first fall meeting.

Send cards to members in accordance with the PSH life events procedure.


Membership is not only measured by participation, but also by dues-paid members. When attendance begins to decline, the result is that fewer members pay their dues and support is lost not only for the alumnae group and local collegiate chapter, but also for the Fraternity. Successful membership recruitment and retention are essential for the growth and development of the alumnae group. Some responsibilities include:

Welcome newcomers with an email, text, personal invitation, and/or new member packet and consider matching a member with a newcomer.

Ensure new members update their address with EO and join Facebook group.

Use life-stage (young alumnae, senior) or special interest groups to recruit and retain members via a small group.


Following the guidelines of the Delta Gamma Foundation, the vice-president: Foundation coordinates the philanthropic activities of the alumnae group. She maintains awareness of Service for Sight, Foundation awareness and fundraising. Some responsibilities include:

Promote the three signature programs of the Foundation: Service for Sight, Individual Grants to Members, and the Leadership and Educational Grants to the Fraternity.

Hold events for the Foundation annually.

Hold at least one Service for Sight event annually.

Hold at least one Foundation Awareness event annually.

Recruit volunteers, plan, and direct the group’s Foundation projects.

Establish methodology for tracking Foundation-related volunteer service and fundraising hours and enter on Anchorbase via the Post Event Summary (for group events) or Foundation Fact Sheet (for individual Foundation Service hours).


The Panhellenic delegate supports and strengthens both Delta Gamma and fraternities in general by encouraging a cooperative relationship and an exchange of ideas, programs, and information among alumnae Panhellenic groups in the community. Responsibilities include:

Represent Delta Gamma by attending Alumnae Panhellenic meetings and contributing time and ideas.

Represent Panhellenic to the Delta Gamma alumnae group by relaying reports, reactions, suggestions, and concerns. This includes communicating with the vp: finance with any dues that are owed to the local Panhellenic group.


The Founders Day chair works with the local collegiate chapters to plan an annual Founders Day celebration in March. Responsibilities include:

Selection of a date suitable for both local collegians and alumnae and a location large enough to accommodate all collegiate chapter members as well as alumnae group members.

Consider alumnae and collegiate budgets when securing a venue.

Recognize anniversary members (25, 50, 60, 75)

Create a committee of alumnae and collegiate members and delegate tasks.

Create and print a program for the event.

Manage the execution of the event.


The collumnae chair plans and coordinates events involving collegians from the local collegiate chapter.

Connect with the collegiate chapter’s director: alumnae relations, ATC, and programming adviser to ensure collumnae programming is developed and included on collegiate and alumnae calendars.

Include local collegians in activities, programs and Foundation projects that would be of mutual interest and enjoyment. Likewise, encourage collegians to share with alumnae programs that would be of particular interest to them.

Plan an event in the spring to welcome graduating seniors into the alumnae ranks.

Invite collegians who return to their hometown for holidays and various occasions to an alumnae event.


The fundraising chair assists the vp: Foundation in developing creative fundraising events within the community to provide donations to the Foundation and collegiate scholarships. Responsibilities include:

Contact businesses to sponsor a fundraiser.

Coordinate the fundraiser with the business and vp: foundation

Examples include restaurants, silent auctions, raffles, ticket sales for special events, etc.


Create and send a newsletter, twice a year to all alumnae in the area and include a calendar of events for the year and a local dues request.

Submit update to the ANCHORA with current photos.


Manage social media accounts.

Update chapter website regularly.

Be familiar with Delta Gamma Style Guide.


Work hand and hand with the vp: Programming to create event invitations to send to membership for chapter events.


Track recommendation forms completed by chapter members for Anchor Base Reporting.

Be available for questions on how to complete the form.

Receive requests for candidates looking for a recommendation form to be completed.


Open board and chapter meetings with inspiration, this can be a poem, quote, or song.

Be available to coordinate and lead rituals during Founders Day.


Nominate chapter members for individual awards by completing awards packet by required deadline.

Assist with the completion of the chapter yearly Alumnae Group Evaluation (AGE report) and convention awards.

Maintain historical records of chapter events and members.


Organize monthly book club.

Coordinate with members who would like to suggest a book and lead the discussion.


Organize happy hour locations.


Organize monthly lunch locations.