MAHJ FOR SIGHT: 2020 Virtual Mah Jongg Tournament

To benefit local & national vision-related charities

October 23-25, 2020

Four Player Group: $75 for 4 players CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Single Player: $20 for 1 player CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Download the Rules & ScoreSheet: CLICK HERE

This virtual mah jongg tournament is organized by the Pittsburgh South Hills alumnae chapter of Delta Gamma ( to benefit vision-related charities such as: Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, and the Delta Gamma Foundation.  100% of the proceeds will go to these charities!

We invite you to play 4 rounds (total of 16 games) during the weekend of October 23-25, 2020 on the Real MahJongg website ( using NMJL rules and a 2020 NMJL card.  Have fun at home with your friends while competing together online to try and win some great prizes – all while supporting some worthwhile charities.  You could even do a zoom call on another browser so you could chat and socialize with your friends while playing.  

Prizes will be as follows:

  • First Place (highest score): $100 gift card
  • Second Place: $75 gift card
  • Third Place: $50 gift card

We encourage you to sign up as a foursome with people you like to play with.  If you do that, then you simply pick the times and dates that you will complete the 4 rounds and one person in the foursome will keep track of the scores for all rounds and will submit the completed scoresheet to and copy the 3 other players by Sunday, October 25th, 2020 at 6pm EST.  The tables will not rotate. You will play with the same four people for all 4 rounds.

If you do not have a foursome, and still want to play, please sign up as a single player and we will try to match you with 3 other players to play.  You will receive an email from to you and the 3 other players.  It will then be up to the 4 of you to coordinate times and dates to play your 4 rounds together.

  • When you make a MJ you are awarded the number of points indicated on the card.
  •  +10 points if you pick your own MJ
  •  +20 extra points if you have MJ with No Jokers (exception: “Singles and Pairs” Hands)
  •  +10 points for all for Wall Game
  •  0 points for a Dead Hand (even for “Wall Game”)
  •  No Penalty if you throw MJ to player with 0 or 1 exposure
  •  -10 points if you throw MJ to a player with 2 exposures
  •  -25 points if you throw MJ to a player with 3 exposures